Silk cloth

Surgical Silk Tape

Silk cloth

The surtape surgical silk tape is a medical tape made from acrylic adhesives on acetate cloth. The flexibility and strength of the tape gives it long-lasting adhesion. This tape is easily hand-torn surgical tape which is ideal for attaching tracheal tubes and catheters during operations and anesthesia, and for securing setting, repositioning or post-surgery dressings.


  • Silk cloth with hypoallergenic glue
  • Excellent strength
  • Long lasting adhesion
  • Extremely secureness of adhesion
  • Easily hand-torn


  • 2.5cm x 3m
  • 5cm x 3m
  • 7.5cm x 3m
  • 10cm x 3m
  • Indications

    • Fixing tracheal anesthetic tubes
    • Fixing tubes for epidural anesthesia
    • Fixing oxygen and gastric tubes
    • Fixing catheters and needles
    • Fixing intravenous drips and transfusion tubes
    • Fixing stethoscopes
    • Fixing splints
    • Fixing limbs to beds during surgery and treatment
    • Post-surgery pressure immobilization
    • Fixing, cotton wool, gauze and bandages
    • Fixing, repositioning and pressure immobilization of broken ribs, clavicles and limbs

    Directions for use

    • Clean and disinfect wound
    • Cover the wound with dressing
    • Apply tape along the edges and across the center of the dressing to hold the dressing firmly in place
    • Replace the tape when changing the dressing or when the tape gets dirty


    • Do not apply directly to a wound
    • Discontinue use if a rash, redness or irritation of the skin
    • Remove slowly along the hair line so as not to damage the skin


    • Store at room temperature and away from water, humidity as well as direct sunlight
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